Cupcake Wars

I’m going to a class today! Cute Cupcakes and Icings in the Cooks Academy on South William Street. It promises to teach me “how to make beautiful and impressive cupcakes that are hand decorated with my own personally made shapes and flowers”… Exciting!

As homework for the class (like I needed an excuse) I’ve been watching Cupcake Wars on  the Food Network pretty much constantly! It’s like X-Factor for baking! Numerous contestants, judges, a jokey host, themes and a prize!! Continue reading

Bacon, Leek and Asparagus Quiche

The Avoca Cafe Cookbook is one of the most used and battered book in my parents house… As is evidenced by this photo, check out the doodling on the title that one of us obviously engaged in as kids!

Last weekend when I was home I made the Bacon, Leek and Asparagus Quiche from the book. The recipe makes a really nice satisfying quiche (the 900ml of double cream definitely helps…), but the filling isn’t too stodgy or heavy. Continue reading

Hen Party Cupcakes

I made cupcakes for my friend’s sister’s hen party before Christmas. I decorated them with little cut-outs I made from leftover bits of roll out icing. I didn’t actually have a cutter shaped like boxers or underwear unfortunately, so I had to improvise!

I drew the L plates on with icing pens, that was the easiest part!

The boxers were made by cutting a rectangle shape from the icing and then using a hair pin to cut out the centre of the rectangle to make the rectangle look like shorts!

The underwear also started out as rectangles, but I used the lid of a lipstick to make the leg holes! I added detail to the boxers and underwear using icing pens! And I had some heart shaped sprinkles that I used to decorate the underwear!

MacGyver eat your heart out!

Chocolate Hazelnut Meringue Cake

I’m home for the weekend so I decided to make use of my parents (far bigger) kitchen to make something sweet for dessert. At the demonstration in PinkGinger Eimer had made a Hazelnut Meringue Pavlova Cake. I didn’t have the recipe booklet from the night home with me, but I found a similar recipe on the BBC Good Food website.

I ended up using bigger cake tins than the recipe indicated. Finding two tins of the same size with removable bases proved to be a mammoth task! (After the cakes were in the oven I found the right tins, but it was too late at that point!) As a result my cake is a bit thinner than planned, but it was still pretty delicious!

Jam Swiss Roll

Friday is Bake Off day in work so I decided to make a Jam Swiss Roll. I love Swiss Roll! Given that it’s a whisked sponge recipe they’re never too stodgy and I get to fill them with raspberry jam, my favourite jam!

For the Bake Off I used the Swiss Roll recipe from my Ballymaloe Cookery Course book. The end result was a lovely light sponge, hopefully everyone else likes it as much as I do! Continue reading

Novelty Foot Cake

One of the girls in work injured her foot and has been hopping around the office all week. I decided to make a foot cake to cheer her up! I used Darina Allen’s whisked sponge recipe for the cake and the foot. Then I covered everything with ready to roll icing that I coloured using food colouring. The writing was done with a white Dr. Oetker writing icing tube! I need to work on my icing writing skills, but I kind of love it! Continue reading