Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

My cousin turned two recently and I was asked to make her birthday cake. She’s obsessed with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and I’d seen a few Minnie Mouse inspired cakes on Pinterest so I decided to try my hand at real cake decorating. Needless to say it was an experience!

My first hard and fast lesson was in quantities. A LOT of cake batter was required to fill the tins I had decided to use for the cake. The amount of eggs I used in the end scared me a little and I think my mother was a little alarmed at the amount of sugar going in considering the cake was for little people…

I had a schooling in structural engineering as well. I now understand what a dowel is… Unfortunately I had to realise the cake was collapsing under it’s own weight before I remembered how obsessed with dowels they seem to be on Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes. I had to perform emergency surgery (aided by my Dad) and a support system was created using an empty jam jar and a plate. Catastrophe avoided. Important physics lesson learned. Gravity is not my friend.

Once the cake was structurally sound all I had to do was ice and decorate it. That was the easiest and the most fun part!

I think it was a good learning process. I’m more clued in now so the next time shouldn’t have the same mini disasters… And I think there’ll definitely be a next time, because the cake went down well and I enjoyed making it!

Minnie Mouse Cake


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