DRÖMMAR Cake Decoration Set

I had a trip to IKEA recently, and it was filled with buying of the impulsive kind. Obviously I went to IKEA for a select few items (a bin and some storage boxes) but I left with a ridiculous amount of stuff that I hadn’t realised I needed.

One of my spur of the moment buys was the DRÖMMAR Cake Decoration Set. I felt that the low low price of €6.09 was a bargain for an icing piping set (with two bags and six nozzles), a cake cutter (looked like a hacksaw) and a cake decoration comb.

I’ve had the set a week or two at this stage and have used all of it’s parts, to varying degrees of success. The piping set didn’t really last. I used it to pipe green icing onto a cake and the food colouring actually leeched through the piping bag material and onto my hands. The second bag suffered a similar fate. Both have been subsequently binned.

The cake cutter has had a rather more successful career.  It’s been used to half several cakes at this stage and while there is a knack to it, it’s not beyond comprehension. Though at the end of the day it’s an extra tool for what I’ve always done with a knife without any major catastrophes.

The decoration comb is useful for putting patterns in icing or for smoothing out fondant icing. And it gives a classier touch than the pieces of cardboard I had been using to smooth out fondant icing…

Maybe next time I’ll avoid the impulse buy, really the only thing I get any use out of is the decorating comb… But you live and learn!


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