Ace of Cakes

I am obsessed with food programmes. To the point where it could almost be seen as a problem, bordering on an addiction. In the mornings as I eat my breakfast before going out to work I watch Ace of Cakes on the Food Network. I love Ace of Cakes. If I ever go to Baltimore I’m visiting Charm City Cakes.

Some of the cakes I’ve seen on the show have been phenomenal. And I think that’s what I love about the show, the sheer creativity of what they do. Personally I’d love to do what they do, sure it’s stressful and chaotic, but I’d get to play with food colourings and fondant icing all day!

Plus they have a bit of a maverick attitude towards the whole thing. I’ve seen them messing with blowtorches and saws on more than one occasion. And while I may not be allowed near power tools, I can appreciate how cool it is that something as hard core as welding is happening next to someone who is doing really delicate piping on a wedding cake.

On the subject of piping, they have mad piping skills… I wish I could pipe this well (or at all)

So fair enough, watching the show in the morning adds about half an hour onto my get ready for work routine, but it gives me some serious ideas creativity-wise. And definitely some aspirations to be a hard core cake decorator some day!


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