Oven Wars

I moved into a new apartment in January and imagine my delight when I discovered I had a Neff oven to work with! The first thing I tried to bake in it was bread… Despite only being in the oven for 15 minutes at 180ºC my bread was burned on top when I checked on it. And then the smoke from the oven set off the fire alarm.

We decided that the oven might need a clean so we gave it a bit of a scrub and Bread Baking Part Two was attempted. Results were similar, burned on top, fire alarm, upset and disappointment all round.

So I resorted to the fail safe approach when faced with a problem. I gave it a Google (after a ten minute search on the oven for a model number).

The manual has now been sourced and it has explicit cleaning instructions along with a step by step guide to removing the door for a good scour. That’s my next step.

Failing bread success after Operation Thorough Clean I’ll be giving the landlord a bell, because in my heart of hearts I know that really the element is gone or something… But I’ll persevere because perfectly baked bread is a must!


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