Last Thursday I organised a supper club at PinkGinger for myself and eight of the girls. PinkGinger is run by Eimer Rainsford:

Since qualifying from Ballymaloe cookery school in 1994 Eimer has worked for Conran Restaurants in London, Embassies and private clients. However the main body of her culinary career was with Avoca. Eimer was a major contributor to the Avoca Café Cookbooks and was former head Chef for Avoca restaurants at Kimacanogue, Powerscourt, Suffolk Street as well as starting up the award winning premises in Rathcoole.

The supper club is a cookery demonstration for a group (8 to 10 people). You can work out the menu you want to do with Eimer and then she provides everyone with a recipe pack on the night. She was also very flexible with varying the menu slightly for our vegetarian and gave her a monkfish version of the chicken dish we were served. The menu we choose was:

  1. Thai Fish Cakes with
  2. Cucumber Salad and Dipping Sauce
  3. Spinach, Pine nut and Brie Quiche
  4. Baby Spinach, Carrot and Date Salad with Blood Orange Dressing and Soft Goats Cheese
  5. Layered Char-grilled Chilli Chicken with Roasted Tuscan Vegetables and Melted Mozzarella
  6. Jeera Aloo
  7. Hazelnut Meringue Pavlova Cake

We gathered around her kitchen and  watched as Eimer prepared everything above. She gives tips and variations for the recipes which you can note down in your recipe pack. And she told us where we could get the more unusual ingredients in the recipes. She also told us how she creates her own ground spices and gave us a store bought cumin powder and her own cumin powder to compare. The colour and smell of the homemade cumin powder was so different to the supermarket one!

The fish cakes were the only thing I paused long enough to take a picture of. I cannot put enough emphasis on how delicious the food was… We ate the fish cakes and cucumber salad while sitting around her kitchen watching the demonstration. Then we ate the rest of the dishes at the table once the demonstration was complete.

The only advice I could give is to come hungry. Everything was delicious. Particularly I loved the fishcakes and the pavlova cake (which came with a chocolate rum filling and was amazing).

Eimer also runs classes out of PinkGinger, which I might have to try out next in the interests of eating reviewing.


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