Oven Wars – Part Two

My Neff is still not living up to its potential. It has not yet managed to deliver baked goods without burning them to a crisp. The original plan was to strip the oven down and give it the clean almighty. However on closer inspection the oven was clean. Or at least not so unclean that it would cause a fault. 

There was a brief moment though, when I looked into the oven and thought there was a potato wedged into the top right hand corner. But it was just the oven lamp. In my defence it was the first time I’d ever properly looked into an oven and a potato wedged into the corner did seem like a likely cause of malfunction… But when I tried to remove it I realised it was just a bulb. (You know you’re Irish when you think potatoes are the answer to all of life’s problems…)

I learned a life lesson in this little endeavor. I am not cut out to make repairs to electrical appliances. Therefore the Neff needs professional help.

I got onto the landlord anyway, hopefully we can sort this out and I can get back to a life of baking bliss!


One thought on “Oven Wars – Part Two

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