Coffee Cake

I had a bout of nostalgia over the weekend and set to making a coffee cake yesterday. In my head my mother always made coffee cake when I was younger. However I’ve now discussed this with her at length and she insists she’s never managed to even make a sponge rise in her life, never mind make a coffee cake. I’m obviously having fond childhood memories from someone else’s childhood…

I followed Lilly Higgins’ recipe from her blog and it was delicious! The sponge was really moist and I went to town with the icing bag when the time came to decorate the cake! The cake didn’t last long enough for me to actually get a picture of it so it must have tasted OK… It also met the high culinary standards of my granny and my uncle*.

*Note my uncle would eat cardboard if it had butter icing so his approval may not be worth much… But I’ll take what I can get.


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