Pancake Tuesday

It’s that time of year again… Tomorrow is Pancake Tuesday! This is quite possibly my favourite religious holiday. It doesn’t have the intense shopping-based hype that surrounds Christmas. It’s not normally as dark and soggy as Halloween… Plus in my head I’m still six and have to give up sweets for all of Lent. So I feel like I should make myself sick on pancakes for good measure, the feast before the famine and all.

To me Pancake Tuesday is all about a big crowd and a lot of pancakes. My invitations have done the rounds. I’ve informed everyone of the time, location and the BYOT status (Bring Your Own Topping). Plates have been procured, an extra frying pan has been requested from a friend. I’m all set to feed the masses!

I always use the Odlums recipe for my pancakes. They’re not as fluffy as American pancakes and they’re not as thin as crepes. Happy medium. Plus its easy to make sweet and savoury versions! I’ll pop up some photos of the pancakes tomorrow night!


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