Kenwood kMix Hand Mixer

I got bought myself a lovely new toy. A lovely new shiny red toy… I had a Kenwood Mixer, a perfectly functional 3 speed white handheld that I got in Argos for less than €20. It’s served me well, never had an issue with it. But then, I saw the kMix. And realised it came in red. I had to have one…

I have to say, I’m glad I bought it. It’s got 5 speeds and a pulse setting. I’m convinced it’s the quietest appliance I own (apart from like the toaster…). It’s red (I do like red) with a lovely quirky retro design. The cable wraps neatly around the end of it and it sits upright, so it takes up minimal storage space. The design means it’s easy to wipe down and keep squeaky clean.

And it is without doubt the fastest mixer I have ever owned.

I know for certain. I performed a highly scientific experiment. I raced my handheld mixers.

Sad, but true.

I raced them using the ultimate test – whisking egg whites to stiff peaks. Two egg whites to a mixer, a mixer in each hand, and away they went. The kMix even had a natural hindrance, I was holding it in my left hand. Despite this initial setback the kMix easily outpaced it’s older, whiter, cheaper cousin… I had stiff peaks before I knew what was happening! Meanwhile my old mixer hadn’t even turned the eggs fully white. It’s obviously been holding me back all these years.

So now I’m a fully converted kMix believer. I want all of the kMix clan. I’m convinced the kMix is so sophisticated that it can read my mind. I’ll come home from work tomorrow and it will have made a whisked sponge all on its own.  €69.99 was a small price to pay for domestic intelligence! 😀


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