Cupcake Wars

I’m going to a class today! Cute Cupcakes and Icings in the Cooks Academy on South William Street. It promises to teach me “how to make beautiful and impressive cupcakes that are hand decorated with my own personally made shapes and flowers”… Exciting!

As homework for the class (like I needed an excuse) I’ve been watching Cupcake Wars on  the Food Network pretty much constantly! It’s like X-Factor for baking! Numerous contestants, judges, a jokey host, themes and a prize!!

I love the buzz of the whole thing, the time constraint is a panic enough, but they’re given mystery ingredients and a theme. Pressure is definitely on considering the first round is based on taste alone, and the worst cupcake gets the boot!

I think the second round is my favourite. The remaining contestants get to showcase their skills as presentation is taken into account. I love looking at the outrageous cupcakes they produce to highlight the chosen theme. It’s generally at this point that I start developing a favourite contestant, it’s upsetting if they get eliminated at this stage though…

The final round takes outrageous to a whole new level, the remaining two contestants each build a 1,000 cupcake display to showcase the theme. The winner gets to display at a major event (plus wins the $10k). I’d be happy with that…

I would love to be as good as some of the guys on the show! And I think I’d get a kick out of the challenge! One step at a time though, I don’t think  I have any mad skills yet, best do my Cute Cupcakes and Icings class first before I start going up against the pros! 😛


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