Friday was Treat Day!

On Thursday night I made a Chocolate Mousse Cake and Vanilla Buttercream Squares and brought them both into work on Friday. The mousse cake is flour free so it’s coeliac friendly! And the vanilla squares would be perfect for a party, they’re quite like the vanilla tray bake you get in Marks and Spencer!

Both recipes are from Rachel Allen’s Easy Meals! The Chocolate Mousse Cake recipe is on the Good Food Channel website and I’ve copied it below for convenience!

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Mini Brown Breads

I’m mad for all things mini these days! It’s so easy to make a lunch when things are already in lunchbox friendly sizes. Mini brown breads are my new favourite example of this. Making my bread mix in scone form saves me slicing and dicing a bread loaf!

One of my favourite bread mixes is the Odlums one. I think it’s actually the recipe on the back of the bag of flour… But I’ve copied the quantities from the site below! The site’s recipe is for a loaf of bread. I’ve amended the cooking instructions in the last step to reflect the fact that the mini breads will cook faster!

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Little Bakin’ Sister

My little sister Niamh made these iced buns at the weekend. She’s 10 so I was quite impressed with her mad skills. The only thing she didn’t do was put them in/take them out of the oven (probably a wise call). She made the icing and iced them herself too. Dead proud!

She used a Rachel Allen recipe that I’ve copied below. Her icing was just icing sugar, water and copious amounts of food colouring… (There are a load of towels in the pictures because she kept spilling icing everywhere, and I ate one of the buns before she’d finished icing!)

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Mini Apple Pies

I saw an article by DCSweetTooth about a pie store in Georgetown. They make little mini pies, like mince pies, but with different fillings. I loved the idea of it! But, in the absence of a plane ticket to the states I had to make  my own miniature pies.

There were a load of cooking apples inexplicably knocking around my house. I think my parents philosophy is “If we buy it, she will bake it”. They’re generally right…

I decided to make miniature apple pies, given my abundance of the required raw materials. I started out by stewing the apples. Generally I wouldn’t stew apples if I was making a large apple tart. But as these were going to be mini pies I decided to stew the apples to be sure they cooked.

Once the apples were stewed I set to making the pastry. I used the sweet pastry recipe I always use for mince pies. I may have been overzealous with the filling though. Some of my poor mini pies overflowed a little in the oven… But as my great-great-granddad (seemingly) used to say – “Wilful waste makes woeful want.” So I stuck all my filling in the pie cases!

Recipe and more photos (I’m getting better at taking photos) are after the cut!

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Oh Ballymaloe…

Sometimes I think Darina Allen can read my mind… It’s a bit scary if she can, but I can’t deny that it produces some epic results if she is rummaging around in my brain.

This little gem of a course was brought to my attention by one of the girls in work recently. A two and a half day Start Your Own Tea Shop course in Ballymaloe… *sighs longingly* I would love to start my own tea shop! There would be cakes, pastel colours and mismatched cutlery galore!

Now if only I was fabulously wealthy and had money and time to burn… I wonder if work would sponsor me to go down for a few days. I bring most of my baked goods into them. It would be a lovely way of repaying me! We could probably pretend it was part of my Learning and Development plan for the year.