Cute Cupcakes and Icings – Cooks Academy

I attended the Cute Cupcakes and Icings class in the Cooks Academy Dublin last night. In a word, fantastic! At the start of the demo the tutor demonstrated how to make the perfect moist cupcake, then we were sent back to our workstations in pairs to make a tray of cupcakes.

Our booklets also had the recipes for four different icing types – Buttercream, Chocolate Glaze, Glace Icing and Creme au Beurre Meringue. The tutor demonstrated all but one icing, the Creme au Beurre Meringue. Again, after the demo we went back to our workstations in pairs and made the three icings she had demonstrated. We came away with a recipe booklet so I might give the Creme au Beurre Meringue a whirl at the weekend and see how it goes! We were also shown a few different icing techniques (I took quite the shine to marbling the chocolate glaze!)

It gave me no end of smug satisfaction to find that the hand mixers they use in the kitchens in the Cooks Academy are all Kenwood kMix in red! Great minds think alike!

Also, tip of the day – technically speaking if you’ve no self raising flour and you’re mixing plain flour with baking powder, the correct proportion is 6% baking powder!

Mathematical/culinary fact!

I actually came home afterwards and took a lot of pictures for once, so I’ve properly documented this blog topic! Though, towards the end of my photo shoot I got a bit fixated on my milk jug cow, but who could blame me…


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