Mickey Mouse Cake

My flatmate’s sister had her baby shower recently and I made a Mickey Mouse cake for the party! It was similar to the Minnie Mouse Cake I’d made previously. Except this time round I had the benefit of experience on my side!

Lesson 1 – The cake will not support it’s own weight. It does need help. Therefore something needs to be used to prop up the centre of the bottom tier to make sure Mickey does not collapse in on himself.

Lesson 2 – This was a lesson that occured to me as I was about to glue on the stars. With my egg white and icing sugar “glue”. Pregnant women should not have raw egg. Butter cream also works. Use buttercream.

Mickey’s feet got a bit of a bashing in transit… He was a bit cut up, but he got over it!

The little cupcakes were made by my flatmate Rachel, she used some of the leftover yellow fondant and some milk chocolate buttons!


Beginners Sugar Craft – Week 1

I started a Beginners Sugar Craft Course in Cakebox¬†in Dun Laoghaire. The course is six weeks long. Over the duration of the course I’ll learn the¬†correct method to almond paste and sugar paste a cake, how to frill a cake and pipe in royal icing. I’ll also learn how to make christening decorations, booties, cradles, sugar babies, sugar roses, rose leaves and filler flowers!

On my first day last week we covered our dummy cakes with Covapaste white icing, using alcohol to bond the icing to the dummy cake. Then we used our crimpers to crimp a pattern around the edge of the cake and the board.

Our instructor gave loads of tips and advice over the course of the evening, a lot of the stuff she covered off were questions I’d always had! So it was useful!

Every week we’re going to build on what we’ve done to our dummy cake so prepare to become overly familiar with my cake!

Chocolate and Raspberry Opera Cake

My friend Martha left Dublin recently to start a new job, she was the one who convinced me to start the blog and came up with the name, so it was only right that I make her a cake! I recently got the Great British Bake Off book and decided on the recipe for the Chocolate and Raspberry Opera Cake.

The cake itself was a lot of work! Four layers of chocolate sponge, a raspberry syrup, a french buttercream, a chocolate ganache AND a chocolate glaze. But it was completely worth it!

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