Back to Baking!

I’ve had a bit of a blog lapse, but I’ve made a resolution to get back to it! And although the blog was neglected my baking wasn’t. I got quite caught up watching the Great British Bake Off from August onwards. I recently tried my hand at Paul Hollywood’s Chelsea Buns!

I’d never made a Chelsea Bun before, and I don’t really use a lot of yeast when baking so I was a bit apprehensive! But the recipe is very easy to use and I’d watched the Master Class episode where Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry walked through this recipe.

The dough did start out very sticky, but once I started kneading it it came together nicely and became quite smooth and elastic. After the dough had risen and it was time to roll out, Paul’s tip about tacking the dough to the work surface was fantastic – it made the dough a lot easier to roll up as it gave you a bit of tension to work with.

I’ve pictures below of the finished product, they were very tasty and were devoured quickly once I iced them! Paul Hollywood’s recipe is available here!


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