Chocolate Marshmallow Teacakes

I think one of the things I most wanted to bake after watching The Great British Bake Off was the teacakes! I’d never even thought to make homemade teacakes! It was a bit of effort, but the final product was totally worth it! I’ve more pictures after the cut!

The first hurdle was finding a mould. I scoured the shops in Dublin for a semi sphere silicon mould, but I had no joy. I ended up ordering this one from Amazon and it worked a treat!

I used the recipe on the BBC website, the recipe is more or less the same as in the Showstoppers book. In the book it says that Mary Berry prefers to use 40% cocoa solids for teacakes and they recommended Bournville. Personally I’m not a mad fan of dark chocolate and I think if I was to make them again I’d probably use milk chocolate, but I tend to follow a recipe properly the first time I make it!

The biscuits were another lesson learned – the recipe said to roll them out to 5mm thick. For the first time in my life I actually measured the thickness of something I’d rolled out, so it was 5mm, but I think it was a bit too thick in the end! They’ll be thinner next time!

Covering the moulds in chocolate was quite easy, I just dropped a tablespoon of chocolate into each semi-sphere and spread it out using the back of the spoon. Dipping the biscuits was another matter – messy. I’d recommend brushing the biscuits with chocolate!

I’d never made marshmallow before, mildly addictive stuff! The recipe makes loads so there’s plenty left over afterwards to eat as my flatmate and I discovered! It did take a bit of waiting before I was convinced the chocolate was set enough to pipe in the marshmallow, but the apartment was very warm so that probably didn’t help!

Assembling them was fine, I’d be more careful sealing the biscuit to the dome next time, I got some chocolate around the edges and when I popped them out of the mould the excess chocolate had formed a little ledge!

I did make a mess of the first one I turned out of the mould when they’d set, but aesthetics aside, they were delicious! I brought them into work the next day and they were gone rapidly with the pre-lunch cups of tea!


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