Mmmmm… Macarons!

I tried my hand at macarons for the first time ever on Tuesday night. I’d wandered into Easons on the way home and picked up a new book, Les Petits Macarons.


In a fit of absolute baking compulsion I picked up the ingredients for a basic macaron and buttercream recipe on the way home and decided to give them a go.

I’d picked up silicon macaron mats on a previous adventure so I was good to go once I got home.


The first step was choosing a method to make my macarons. I went with the French meringue method out of sheer laziness, I was already going to be messing with the sugar thermometer for the buttercream…


When I got to the macaronnage stage I decided to throw in some raspberry flavouring and pink food colouring.


Then came the piping, I’d read the recipe and it had said 40 macarons. I thought that meant twenty pairs of forty shells. No. It was very definitely 80 shells… I thought ot would never end… Once they were piped I’d to bang the trays off the table. That got rid of any air bubbles and the little tails from piping.


When I took them out of the oven I was only delighted. They had feet! I’d never made macarons before but I understood this was of vital importance!


I filled them with a vanilla buttercream and brought them into work the next day! And I’ll definitely be making them again!


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