Toffee Apple and Pecan Pudding

I had a go at making Mary Berry’s Toffee Apple and Pecan Pudding from the Great British Bake Off Masterclass episode. I was having friends over for dinner and was trying to have as much as possible prepared in advance, so a steamed pudding fit into the plan perfectly! I made it the night before and then just reheated it before serving it for dessert!

The recipe is on the BBC Food site. I actually made two as the recipe is for a small pudding bowl (1L).

I’m constantly over estimating how much people can eat and end up force feeding them…The pudding was in addition to the glazed roast ham, mashed potato and celeriac, mashed root vegetable crumble, savoy cabbage and roast potatoes I’d already fed them. And I’d made a meringue roulade

I didn’t need the the second pudding after all so I brought it into work the next morning for a bake sale instead.


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