Homemade Christmas Mincemeat

Mince Pies are a pivotal part of Christmas in my family. I’d say over December I make 24 every two days or so for either home or work. The smell of mince pies cooking in the oven in the evenings really evokes a strong sense of Christmas for me. Christmas just wouldn’t be right without them!

Mince Pies with a warning sign for my family!

This year I decided to try and make my own mincemeat and see would that make any difference to the flavour in my mince pies. I also got a chance to use the Mixed Peel I’d made previously! I used a Ballymaloe recipe for my mincemeat. But there’s a similar recipe from Delia Smith here.

The mincemeat is all made now and after two weeks, once the flavour matures, I’ll be able to use it. The only problem is now I really want to make mince pies!!

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5 thoughts on “Homemade Christmas Mincemeat

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  2. This looks delicious! I love how you mashed the apples to add to it too.
    And you add butter, wow! That’s so interesting, i’ve never tried that before.
    What sort of thing does it do for the flavour on the whole?

    • The butter is something my Nana always does. If it’s not for family she’ll use suet. If it’s for family she brings out the Kerry Gold. I think it was the height of luxury to use butter years ago! The mincemeat hasn’t matured yet but I’ll post on the flavour when it does!

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