Mary Berry’s Chocolatines

I got Mary Berry’s Baking Bible recently and was only dying to try some recipes from it. I had a friend coming over for tea so I decided I’d bake something. Flicking through the book there was a lot to chose from, but I was in a chocolate mood so I settled on making the Chocolatines.

Mary Berry's Baking Bible

The cake itself was simple enough to make, although it involved the method I hate the most in baking – folding. I just don’t have the patience. Now, I stuck with it this time and the results were fantastic. A lovely springy sponge with a good rise. I need to remember results like that when I’m tempted to just beat it all in with the electric mixer…

The icing itself was a Chocolate Creme au Beurre. I used Cadbury’s milk chocolate, I suspect Mary Berry used a darker chocolate in hers as her frosting was darker than mine. But the Cadbury’s tasted amazing so I wouldn’t change it!

Icing the cakes was a bit fiddly and the recipe did warn about that! The sponge mix was baked in an 18cm square tin, and first you had to slice the cake in half and fill with the icing. Then you sandwiched the two layers together. After that you cut into nine equal squares and iced the sides and tops with a layer of icing. THEN you rolled the sides in mixed chopped nuts. THEN you decorated the tops of the Chocolatines with any leftover icing.

Fiddly, but worth it in the long run! They looked very impressive and tasted great. The only problem is restraining yourself to just the one!



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