Edible Christmas Presents at PinkGinger

I went to an Edible Christmas Presents cookery demonstration last night in PinkGinger. I’m feeling very festive now as a result, despite having sat my second exam this morning!  We learned how to make a range of delicious sauces and treats that we could give as gifts. My nearest and dearest are almost certainly getting chilli jam, truffles and biscotti from me this year! I may have to add to my Christmas Prep post! More below on what we did and how it went!

Chilli Jam - PinkGinger Edible Christmas Presents

Chilli Jam – PinkGinger Edible Christmas Presents

The menu from the night was as follows:

  1. PinkGinger spiced ginger ganache truffles
  2. Almond, pistachio and ginger biscotti
  3. Lemon shortbread
  4. PinkGinger’s mini mince pies
  5. Cranberry and orange port sauce
  6. Chilli jam
  7. Maple syrup dressing
  8. Couscous with pomegranate*
  9. Filo pastry parcels*

(*These obviously aren’t edible presents, but were served with some of the sauces as part of a meal!)

Eimer demonstrated how to make all the above and even went on to show how to package and parcel everything up to give as presents. She had sealable cellophane bags for the truffles, biscotti, shortbread and mince pies. She decorated those with ribbon and gift tags to make  them more festive. Then she had the chilli jam and cranberry sauce in jars, which she suggested you could give as gifts in these little gift jar boxes. And the maple syrup dressing was decanted into adorable swing top glass bottles.

For the meal we had goats cheese with crostini and some of the cranberry sauce. Then we had the filo parcels (filled with chicken, crème fraîche and spinach – delicious), couscous with spices, spring onion and pomegranate, some chilli jam and then a green salad with some of the maple syrup dressing!

And, despite being fit to burst, we had mince pies, truffles, biscotti and shortbread to finish off!

Eimer also sent everyone home with a little gift we got to decorate. I got the chilli jam pictured above. She also had a wax gun for making the seal you can see on the jam – I may be asking Santa for one because it’s the business.

If you want to make the chilli jam the Nigella recipe is here. And if you’d like to go to a PinkGinger cookery class the schedule is here!


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