Finished Christmas Cake

I have a bit of a blog backlog (guilty face). As a result, in mid February, I am now uploading a picture of my finished Christmas cake (even guiltier face).

I used the Santa and the reindeer I’d made in previous posts. I also made a Christmas tree, just to really crowd out top of my 6 inch round cake!

I had used a Classic Christmas Cake recipe from Mary Berry. I made my own marzipan and iced it with fondant icing. The cake didn’t last very long once we cut into it! I think I’ll have to make a bigger one next year, maybe I can fit a snowman on too…


3 thoughts on “Finished Christmas Cake

  1. Aoife, this cake is amazing! I haven’t read all your posts but in your about page you don’t mention being a dessert-chef or owning a cake shop but you must – it would be a crying shame if this is just a hobby, I won’t believe it!

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