Edible Christmas Presents at PinkGinger

I went to an Edible Christmas Presents cookery demonstration last night in PinkGinger. I’m feeling very festive now as a result, despite having sat my second exam this morning!  We learned how to make a range of delicious sauces and treats that we could give as gifts. My nearest and dearest are almost certainly getting chilli jam, truffles and biscotti from me this year! I may have to add to my Christmas Prep post! More below on what we did and how it went!

Chilli Jam - PinkGinger Edible Christmas Presents

Chilli Jam – PinkGinger Edible Christmas Presents

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Cute Cupcakes and Icings – Cooks Academy

I attended the Cute Cupcakes and Icings class in the Cooks Academy Dublin last night. In a word, fantastic! At the start of the demo the tutor demonstrated how to make the perfect moist cupcake, then we were sent back to our workstations in pairs to make a tray of cupcakes.

Our booklets also had the recipes for four different icing types – Buttercream, Chocolate Glaze, Glace Icing and Creme au Beurre Meringue. The tutor demonstrated all but one icing, the Creme au Beurre Meringue. Again, after the demo we went back to our workstations in pairs and made the three icings she had demonstrated. We came away with a recipe booklet so I might give the Creme au Beurre Meringue a whirl at the weekend and see how it goes! We were also shown a few different icing techniques (I took quite the shine to marbling the chocolate glaze!) Continue reading


Last Thursday I organised a supper club at PinkGinger for myself and eight of the girls. PinkGinger is run by Eimer Rainsford:

Since qualifying from Ballymaloe cookery school in 1994 Eimer has worked for Conran Restaurants in London, Embassies and private clients. However the main body of her culinary career was with Avoca. Eimer was a major contributor to the Avoca Café Cookbooks and was former head Chef for Avoca restaurants at Kimacanogue, Powerscourt, Suffolk Street as well as starting up the award winning premises in Rathcoole. Continue reading