Oh Ballymaloe…

Sometimes I think Darina Allen can read my mind… It’s a bit scary if she can, but I can’t deny that it produces some epic results if she is rummaging around in my brain.

This little gem of a course was brought to my attention by one of the girls in work recently. A two and a half day Start Your Own Tea Shop course in Ballymaloe… *sighs longingly* I would love to start my own tea shop! There would be cakes, pastel colours and mismatched cutlery galore!

Now if only I was fabulously wealthy and had money and time to burn… I wonder if work would sponsor me to go down for a few days. I bring most of my baked goods into them. It would be a lovely way of repaying me! We could probably pretend it was part of my Learning and Development plan for the year.

OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler

Dear Amazon, I need this

My current peeler does not make my life any easier. I’d be better off using it to beat the skin off vegetables. After watching Eimer in PinkGinger using her OXO peeler to make a Thai Cucumber Salad I’m convinced that this product could save me loads of time and it could also make my life complete… Bit of an ask from a run of the mill kitchen utensil but I’ve simple dreams in life really… Continue reading