Chocolate and Ginger Tarts

I got Edd Kimber’s book Say It With Cake for Christmas and the first recipe I attempted was the Chocolate and Ginger Tarts. The pastry itself was a bit different, Edd uses some ground almonds and the seeds from a vanilla pod. The recipe actually called for a muffin tin, but I had to use my bun tin, so mine are a bit smaller than they should be.

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Edible Christmas Presents at PinkGinger

I went to an Edible Christmas Presents cookery demonstration last night in PinkGinger. I’m feeling very festive now as a result, despite having sat my second exam this morning! ¬†We learned how to make a range of delicious sauces and treats that we could give as gifts. My nearest and dearest are almost certainly getting chilli jam, truffles and biscotti from me this year! I may have to add to my Christmas Prep post! More below on what we did and how it went!

Chilli Jam - PinkGinger Edible Christmas Presents

Chilli Jam – PinkGinger Edible Christmas Presents

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