Sugarpaste Dogs

I’m back after a bit of a Holiday Hiatus! My Grandad turned 70 on Monday and we’re having a dinner for him at the weekend. I offered to make the cake!

My grandparents have two Kerry Blue dogs and my Grandad walks them twice a day so I decided to attempt making two Kerry Blue dogs for the cake!


I’ll be making a chocolate biscuit cake tomorrow. I’ll post a picture when the whole thing is iced!

Mary Berry’s Chocolatines

I got Mary Berry’s Baking Bible recently and was only dying to try some recipes from it. I had a friend coming over for tea so I decided I’d bake something. Flicking through the book there was a lot to chose from, but I was in a chocolate mood so I settled on making the Chocolatines.

Mary Berry's Baking Bible
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Christmas Prep!

I’ve three exams to do before I can start getting into Christmas mode, I’ll have to be extra organised to get everything done on time! On the to do list is:

  1. Homemade Mixed Peel – a Ballymaloe recipe*
  2. Ballymaloe Homemade Christmas Mincemeat*
  3. My Nana’s Christmas pudding – according to my father it’s the best pudding recipe in the world 😛
  4. Christmas cake – make a fruit cake and decorate it!
  5. Gingerbread house
  6. Enough mince pies to feed a small army

*Ballymaloe recipes are all from the Ballymaloe Cookery Course book.

First thing I have to do though is buy a load of jam jars! I’ll need to store the mixed peel and mincemeat. Plus the mincemeat has to mature for two weeks to be at it’s best. Any jars I have left by Christmas I’ll give away as gifts!

Little Bakin’ Sister

My little sister Niamh made these iced buns at the weekend. She’s 10 so I was quite impressed with her mad skills. The only thing she didn’t do was put them in/take them out of the oven (probably a wise call). She made the icing and iced them herself too. Dead proud!

She used a Rachel Allen recipe that I’ve copied below. Her icing was just icing sugar, water and copious amounts of food colouring… (There are a load of towels in the pictures because she kept spilling icing everywhere, and I ate one of the buns before she’d finished icing!)

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Novelty Foot Cake

One of the girls in work injured her foot and has been hopping around the office all week. I decided to make a foot cake to cheer her up! I used Darina Allen’s whisked sponge recipe for the cake and the foot. Then I covered everything with ready to roll icing that I coloured using food colouring. The writing was done with a white Dr. Oetker writing icing tube! I need to work on my icing writing skills, but I kind of love it! Continue reading