Chocolate and Ginger Tarts

I got Edd Kimber’s book Say It With Cake for Christmas and the first recipe I attempted was the Chocolate and Ginger Tarts. The pastry itself was a bit different, Edd uses some ground almonds and the seeds from a vanilla pod. The recipe actually called for a muffin tin, but I had to use my bun tin, so mine are a bit smaller than they should be.

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Mince Pies

I made my first batch of mince pies yesterday, the smell in the kitchen really made me feel Christmas-y! I use a Ballymaloe recipe for the pastry, it’s a rich pastry – it uses a lot more butter than normal and an egg to bind.

Remove from the tray, cool on a wire rack and dredge in icing sugar.

Remove from the tray, cool on a wire rack and dredge in icing sugar.

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Mini Apple Pies

I saw an article by DCSweetTooth about a pie store in Georgetown. They make little mini pies, like mince pies, but with different fillings. I loved the idea of it! But, in the absence of a plane ticket to the states I had to make  my own miniature pies.

There were a load of cooking apples inexplicably knocking around my house. I think my parents philosophy is “If we buy it, she will bake it”. They’re generally right…

I decided to make miniature apple pies, given my abundance of the required raw materials. I started out by stewing the apples. Generally I wouldn’t stew apples if I was making a large apple tart. But as these were going to be mini pies I decided to stew the apples to be sure they cooked.

Once the apples were stewed I set to making the pastry. I used the sweet pastry recipe I always use for mince pies. I may have been overzealous with the filling though. Some of my poor mini pies overflowed a little in the oven… But as my great-great-granddad (seemingly) used to say – “Wilful¬†waste makes woeful want.” So I stuck all my filling in the pie cases!

Recipe and more photos (I’m getting better at taking photos) are after the cut!

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